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DOB: 10/22/2004
Color: Wheaten
Breeder: George & Cheryl Rausch
& Gail Richards
Owner: George & Cheryl Rausch
& Gail Richards


Pedigree of: CH Cherylins Loosewire MW

Parents GrandParents G-GrandParents G-G-GParents G-G-G-GParents
Ch Cherylin & H-Js Wee Orion MS
Black & Tan
Ch Han-Jo's Wee Black Daemon MS
Black & Tan
Ch Han-Jo's Wee Telemachus MS
Ch Han-Jo's Tom Terrific MS ROM Ch Pawprints Prime Time MS ROM
Ch Han-Jo's Wee Black Satin MS
Black & Tan
Add-Sim's Tina MS Ch Han-Jo's Wee Tabasco MS
Rose Farms Red Ginger MS
Han-Jo's Wee Dancing Doll MS
Black & Tan
Lo-Dach's Seth Von Schlegel MS
Ch Lo-Dach's Sorn Taliesin MS
Lo-Dach's Dazzle MS
Ch Han-Jo's Wee Satin Doll MS
Black & Tan
Ch Pawprint's Prime Time MS ROM
Ch Han-Jo's Wee Black Satin MS
Black & Tan
Cherylin's Climbing Rose MS
Ch Han-Jo's Wee Tabasco MS Yellowhouse Wee Anthony Rill Song's Benjamin MS
Yellowhouse Mistress Mary MS
Ch Han-Jo's Wee Pepperpot MS Ch Patriot Of Hunter's Green MS
Black & Tan
Rose Farm's Pop Rocks MS
Bolin's Electrix Lil Penny MS
Frankie Von Himmel MS Clereholm Tom Thumb
Tallavast Cuddles-M
Sugar Rob Long
Spark-L-Dach's Scoop Of Earth
Sharons Frau Gretchin
Cherylins Haywire MW
Ch Lone Pine's Sir Galahad MW
Ch Rellih's Got The Gusto Int/Eng/Am Ch Drakesleat Komma MW Eng Ch Drakesleat Rough Stuff
Eng Ch Drakesleat Klose Encounter
Ch Rellih's Fringe Benefit MW Ch The Parsonage Nelson MW
Rellih's Tiger Lilly
Ch Sadsack Relokate To Shedatear Can Ch Tam-O-Daer's Naughty Mouse MW Ch Rose Farms Johnny MW
Ch Wavecrest's Ombre Rose MW
Sadsack's Nut'In But D Best MW Can Ch Tam-O-Daer's Super Mouse MW
Can Ch Sadsack's Love Bug MW
Rosie O'Grady Von Cherylin MW
Wild Boar
Fredrik Von Suderlo Alf Vom Scheider-Bruch Alf Vom Krahenpfuhl
Fritzi Von Der Holzmuhl
Peggi Von Suderlo Irk Von Suderlo
Lissy Von Suderlo
Afra Von Walderklause Quacks Von Der Walderklause Jens Vom Franzkenpatt
Nelly Von Der Walderklause
Bessi Von Der Walderklause Leikings Bill
Leikings Spinne

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